Kaplow Supports Project Morry Autumn Elegance Gala

Kaplow CEO Liz Kaplow and CFO Evan Jacobs were the proud chairs of the 14th Annual Project Morry Autumn Elegance Gala held on November 18th.

Project Morry is a not-for-profit youth organization that provides children from urban neighborhoods of New York and Connecticut with a multi-year commitment of year-round programs anchored by a superb residential summer camp experience.

Account Executives Victoria Gaunt and Meghan Cross, Marketing & New Business Coordinator Mandy Hjellming, and Executive Managing Assistant Melinda Templeton-Duffy accompanied Liz and Evan to the Gala.  The evening began with a cocktail reception and silent auction, followed by a welcome speech from Liz and Evan.  Here is an excerpt from the speech that  speaks to the deep admiration that Kaplow has for the program:

“The real story begins with Morry Stein.  Morry once said that the greatest gift you can give to a child is a summer camp experience.  Based on our own personal experiences, it would be hard to argue with Morry.  Then again, anyone who knew Morry might think twice about arguing with him.  He was known as Big Moe.  He had Superman-like strength and, some might say, magical powers.  After all, how could you explain that when I was 9, I witnessed Morry plant watermelon seeds and 7 days later a watermelon miraculously appeared?  Morry had the ability to make you believe: believe in yourself and believe in miracles.  The seeds of Morry’s dreams and inspiration have been transplanted to the extraordinary Dawn Ewing, her staff, and the children of Project Morry.

When Evan and I first visited Project Morry, it was clear that something unusual was happening there.  Dawn Ewing appeared like a modern day pied piper with her staff, and the day became a wondrous mix of learning, discovery and fun.  With technology left behind, no Internet access, no Facebook, text messaging, TV or cell phones.  The only social networking is the old fashioned face to face kind where kids come together, and dream to realize their full potential…”

Following Liz and Evan’s speech, Executive Director Dawn Ewing spoke to the programs Project Morry provides.  Board of Directors Chairwoman Pam Heller shared an amazing program success story: 100% of Project Morry kids graduate from high school, even though many of them come from neighborhoods where only 50% of their peers are graduating.

The night concluded with the presentation of “The Morry Award” to Lisa Price, founder of Carol’s Daughter.  Lisa urged the importance of making a difference in the lives of others by sharing her personal story about her mother, who adopted and nurtured six children.

If you would like to learn more about Project Morry and how you can help the program, please visit www.projectmorry.org.

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