Kaplow SVP Chaim Haas Speaks at New York Social Media Meetup

Several members of Kaplow’s Kdrive social media division were in attendance at the re-launch of the New York Social Media Meetup on Tuesday, hosted at the downtown loft of Mass.com.

Chaim Haas (@chaimhaas), SVP of Technology & Emerging Media and Executive Director of Kdrive, kicked off the event.  Chaim discussed social media influence and the public relations industry, detailing the importance of identifying and engaging with relevant influencers, and measuring influence as a whole.  Here’s a short video of his presentation:

Immediately following Chaim was Mark Cooper (@Offerpop), Co-Founder and Head of Strategy and Partnerships at Offerpop, a social marketing application company.  Mark demoed Offerpop’s product offerings, discussing how they can assist in growing awareness and communities for brands/businesses on Twitter and Facebook.

The event closed out with a great keynote presentation from Neil Glassman (@neilglassman), Principal Marketing Strategist at WhizBangPowWow and Writer/Analyst at Social Times, interestingly titled “10 Ways to Screw-Up Your Social Media Marketing.” The discussion provided definitive “to do” and “to not do” lists for brands and businesses actively engaged within social media.

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