Kaplow Trend-Spotters Visit “The Chew” and “Katie”

The Kaplow Pop Culture Squad is dedicated to exploring the latest in entertainment, media and other consumer phenomena. We  recently visited two talk shows – ABC’s “Katie” and “The Chew” – and had a blast.

Dressed to impress in the mandatory bright colors (No busy patterns! No white! No jeans, visible logos or sneakers!), our group received VIP treatment from the shows’ audience coordinators. We were lucky enough to sit front row at “Katie” and score seats at “The Chew’s” coveted tasting table.

While many of us have been behind-the-scenes in the green room or watched from our couches at home, the experience of actually being in the audience gave us a new perspective that will allow us to pitch our clients more strategically going forward. Not only did we develop new relationships with the producers (after “The Chew,” I connected the style producer with a friend for an upcoming makeover segment – so now she owes me one!), but we also gained an understanding of the shows’ inner workings, became familiar with the nuances and passions of each host, and gathered inspiration for larger brand integrations.

Kaplow Trend-Spotters Visit The Chew and Katie

Other (less professional) highlights included shaking Mario Batali’s hand, chowing down on Clinton Kelly’s spicy chicken stew, sampling canolis (I was partial to Carla’s pistachio-cherry version), and covering my eyes when I saw myself on TV once the episode aired.

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