Kaplow Visits Project Morry

Clients look to Kaplow to tell the story behind their brands, one that not only makes them relatable, but also relevant in today’s evolving world.  However, before any one of us learned to tell a brand’s story, we first had to master an even more difficult task – telling our own.

A few weeks ago, several members of Kaplow, including myself, visited Project Morry, a summer camp where inner-city kids get valuable support and guidance so they can achieve their future goals.  The drive up to Glen Spey, NY was a soggy one, but the rain did not dampen anyone’s spirits.  We walked into a room filled with smiling 16-year old faces, eager to hear what we had to say.

As public relations and social media experts, we talked about the importance of building one’s own brand in order to set yourself apart from the competition.  We helped each and every one of those young minds see the uniqueness behind their story, and present themselves with confidence, poise and in some cases, a little bit of swagger!

By the end of the day, I wasn’t sure who had gained more from the experience – the soon-to-be high school juniors who now felt empowered to apply to college or their first job?  Or the Kaplow team who learned just how meaningful it can be to watch a shy teenager come out of her shell and appreciate all she has to offer.

I left having heard a number of new stories from aspiring musicians to hardworking students, and it made me think about how this experience affects my own story.  It now includes these kids and how they’ve touched my life.  I must say, I’m all the more fortunate for it.

Kaplow at Morry's Camp 2013

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