Kaplow’s 2nd Annual Community Service Day at Morry’s Camp

On August 2nd, Kaplow employees traveled 90 miles outside of New York City to Morry’s Camp, a year-round youth development organization that provides middle and high school students an educational and positive camp experience. For Kaplow employees, attending Morry’s Camp is an opportunity to reach out to kids interested in public relations and help them achieve their career goals.  The daytrip also allowed employees, especially Kaplow newcomers, to bond through the experience.

The day kicked off with case study presentations to a group of about 80 campers.  Kaplow presented case studies on Blue Planet Run, Skype, eBay’s Oscars Style Suite, the Target Holiday Challenge with David Blane and Avon’s mark. brand.  The campers had a chance to ask questions and take home mark. products and Skype headsets.

During lunch, Kaplow held an optional panel discussion with campers, which allowed them to ask questions about the field of public relations and receive career tips.  Campers asked insightful questions such as, “Where can I get work experience?” and “What is the best career advice you have been given?”  For the afternoon session, campers chose between a community organization and a sports product for a PR campaign brainstorm.  Facilitated by Kaplow employees, the campers worked together to develop products and create innovative and somewhat extravagant PR campaigns.   The brainstorm sessions required the campers to use their creative and teamwork skills in order to be successful.  After listening to the campaign presentations under the Oak Tree, Kaplow employees said their goodbyes, until next year, and headed back to city life.

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