Kaplow’s EVP, Tina Haskins Chadha, in PR Week

Nicole Zerillo
November 10 2008

Logo change provides unique opportunity to focus message
Several well-known brands have recently introduced new logos, including Starbucks and, more recently, Pepsi-Cola. The company unveiled its new “smile” logo last month as part of a long-term effort to revamp brands like Pepsi and Mountain Dew.

“Pepsi’s new brand identity program is the first step in a multiyear reinvestment in carbonated soft drinks,” Nicole Bradley, senior manager of PR at Pepsi-Cola North America Beverages, notes, via e-mail. She noted that Edelman is helping it with digital and social media outreach for the redesign.

Discussions about the brand’s image change have arisen in social networking sites, including Friend Feed and Flickr.

Why does it matter?
Many brands and companies – even politicians – eventually update a logo, and communications behind that decision must follow.

Logo changes for consumers are emblematic of a connection between company and consumer, as product branding becomes as memorable as the product, itself, says Rich Lukis, EVP at Coyne PR.

“Every time [the agency has] changed logos for clients [like Penzoil and Hard Rock], we’ve done it in conjunction with a new tagline,” he adds.

For example, the Hard Rock redesign was a chance to re-introduce the brand and create buzz with a general consumer media story, he says.

“A brand’s logo needs to… be… an authentic continuation of a brand story,” adds Tina Haskins Chadha, EVP at Kaplow.

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