Leadership Lessons from Charlie Brown

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Growing up, I thought that Lucy from Charlie Brown was an inspiring  leader.

She spoke with such certainty and confidence. When she boomed, “Snow grows  up from the ground like grass, Charlie Brown!!!!” she owned it.  She clearly got the whole Peanuts gang believing, too.

Poor Charlie Brown. He was the sappy follower who saw everything in shades of gray, whose measured and weighed approach earned him the descriptions “wishy washy” on a good day in Lucy’s coveted charm school.

There’s nothing like a decisive leader. One who tells you exactly what they mean, who owns the buzz words:  clarity, ownership and accountability. But trouble is, sometimes they are dead wrong.  So, as much as we adore Lucy for her spirit, it is in the nuanced layers of Charlie Brown where lessons can be learned:

Take a breath before you weigh in. Don’t react quickly as there is likely more to the story. Look beyond what is in front of you.

Have a measured POV that comes from knowing your facts.

Take the time to listen, ask questions and share information (without looking for credit).

Say you’re sorry when you’re wrong.

Stay humble when you are right.

Lead with decisiveness and open-mindedness. You will win fewer followers and more partners in your pursuit.

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