LeapFrog Innovates With Next-Generation FLY Fusion Pentop Computer

Homework Help System Delivers Greater Functionality in Sleeker Design

Emeryville, CA—July 25, 2007—LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc., a leading developer of technology-based learning products, today launched the FLY Fusion™ Pentop Computer, the learning system designed to increase students’ productivity through targeted homework assistance and writing digitization. Designed for students ages 10 and up, FLY Fusion is the only platform that places a complete set of homework solutions and innovative note taking and organizational applications in the palm of the hand.

Two years ago, LeapFrog revolutionized the pentop market with the introduction of the FLY™ Pentop Computer. The new FLY Fusion (MSRP $79.99) takes the FLY™ brand to the next level with improved hardware capabilities, including PC connectivity; four times the memory; on-the-go calculating functionality; enhanced learning applications, such as a Spanish translator; a new MP3 player; and garage-band music mixing capabilities—all built upon its predecessor’s award-winning technology. It’s a high-speed homework system that connects kids to the help and information they need to remain confident students.

Key to the improved functionality is the ability to digitize hand-written notes. Students may now upload work written on dot-enabled FLY paper to a PC and store the notes electronically so they can be searched and indexed, providing an incredible new organization tool for students. Students no longer need to worry about losing their homework or saving and sorting through old notebooks because all of their work is backed up and can be searched in seconds via a powerful ink search functionality. Digital ink files can also be emailed, posted to blogs and even converted into Microsoft Word files.

“Pen and paper are still integral to students’ lives. They are taking notes, writing rough drafts and doing much of their homework by hand out of range of their home PC. No other computing platform is designed to integrate so seamlessly into their lives, and at such an affordable price,” said Chris Cocks, vice president of FLY and Grade School, LeapFrog. “We are focused on offering an extensive library of applications that address the curricular pain points that give students the biggest headaches, and making FLY Fusion as easy to use as a graphing calculator.”

An expanded array of homework applications ($1.99 to $29.99 each) provides guidance for challenging subjects such as algebra, essay writing, and French and Spanish translation. FLY Fusion applications will be available both in retail locations and via the new FLY World™ Download store (www.flyworld.com), opening later this summer, which allows students to customize their FLY Fusion pentop with the subjects they need at any given time.

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