Liz Kaplow’s Non-Resolutions (But What She is Keeping in Mind!)

It’s 2014, and NYWICI’s President Liz Kaplow would like a word with you. Liz, CEO of the PR firm Kaplow Communications, tells members what’s in store for the balance of her term and offers tips on getting ahead.
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1) What should members expect from NYWICI in 2014?

I always love the start of a New Year. When it comes to NYWICI, it’s a great time for all of us to look forward and celebrate our story as an organization and the commitment we have to supporting and learning from each other. Thank you for your input and enthusiasm! Over these past months, we have talked a great deal about the pillars of our organization. I couldn’t be more excited that our pillars continue to guide us, they are: the advancement of women at every stage of her career and the changing landscape of communications. In 2014, we will continue to bring you tangible programming around these pillars.

The advancement of women: This past fall, we created a new series, Coffee and Conversations: An Intergenerational POV, with headliners who are passionate about the advancement of women. These cross generational panels focus on issues affecting women in the workplace. The first event was a dynamic discussion on getting ahead on your own terms. If you missed it, check out some of the You Tube Clips. The series continues with the next intergenerational panel on January 14th, where we will discuss the importance of mentors and all aspects of tackling the career jungle gym. In the spring look for more, including a panel on negotiation entitled The Win/Win, Keys to Negotiating Your Way to The Top.

Changing Landscape: As our industry evolves, we continue to provide programming that enables our members to stay ahead of the curve and expand their knowledge and skillsets. Our signature Cocktails and Conversations series is bringing you thought leaders to weigh in on how our industry is evolving and changing. In the fall, we held panels on two hot topics: Content: Who is in Charge Now and Where is the Print Industry Going? In February, we have a program planned on “Branded Content as Commerce” as well as “Intersection of Television and Technology” in March, and the “Future of Communications” in June.

I am also excited to report that NYWICI will be conducting a survey in 2014 co-branded with Marie Claire. The survey will focus on women’s negotiating habits and explore how every aspect of our lives is a negotiation and balancing act. Look for stories and negotiation tips from women to compliment the survey.

And of course there is the ever inspiring 2014 Matrix Awards. On April 28th, we will honor women for their remarkable achievements in the communications industry. I look forward to seeing you there!

2) Do you practice “resolutions”? If so, how do you keep them up? If not, what else?

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. They are the sure fire-est way to set one’s self up for disappointment. With that said, here are some of my New Year’s “Keep in minders.” Calling them that seems to be less of a commitment, therefore less of a big deal when I undoubtedly forget to keep them in mind:

Enhancing creativity in business is on everyone’s mind. I love the idea of not just thinking creatively but living more creatively in the New Year. I believe that new ideas and disruption of the status quo is at the heart of what makes us relevant. Whether it’s a new exhibit at the Museum of Art and Design, listening to live music, seeing an indie film or a just a walk on the street, I will look to be inspired by the world outside the office.

Move more. You’ll notice I didn’t say get fit. The reason is that I realize that as soon as you use the word “fit,” the anxiety sets in. All the pressure sound counterintuitive to relieving stress? That’s because it is. So, I say I will move more in 2014. My 86 year old mom, (whom we should all be as fit as at that age), puts on a dance video every morning and moves for a good 45 minutes before she walks across Central Park to the Arts Students League, where she’s been painting for 65 years. The message: do what you love and keep moving.

Keep things simple: I am challenging myself and others: get in, make your big two or three points, and then spend time eliciting others’ point of view.

Connect with people, live. Social media and digital provides us with far reaching connections. With that said, this year I am craving the human connection to people. That’s right, a conversation, live, in a room, together.

Keep learning by asking questions: When we ask a question, we not only glean information, but we show the other person that we value their point of view.

Fewer but better. When my kids were little, we used to talk about picking battles. Did it really matter that the socks didn’t match or that the pig tails weren’t straight? Basically other than safety issues, we let a lot slide. One thing I will remind myself this year is to pick fewer but more important goals, a few things to fight for, and let the rest go.

Keep giving back: whether mentoring, supporting, sharing information or being someone’s biggest cheerleader, giving back has always given me my greatest joy. In 2014, it is the most important thing to keep in mind.

3) The economic recovery has been laggard, especially in publishing, magazines, newspapers, and other communications fields. What’s your take on it now?

There’s no question that our current economic condition is leaving us with a feeling of uncertainty about the future. This has forced us to look at existing models and embrace change as we work towards relevancy. At the same time, I can’t help but feel optimistic about the communications field. The need for good storytelling is growing even as the delivery systems change. I can’t remember a time when great content has been more celebrated or in greater demand. It is up to us to continue to be inventive and nimble and that will ultimately create new economic opportunity.

4) What are you grateful for in our collective industry?

Being President of NYWICI has given me a fresh perspective on our industry. I am personally grateful for what members have taught me, the volunteers who bring our ideas and events to life, and to the board members who devote so much time to our organization.

I am so proud and thankful of the way women in our industry, and especially in our organization, support and help one another. This past year, I’ve seen women at the pinnacle of their careers reach out to mentor and junior and mid-career colleagues. Women at mid-career share their knowledge and experience with career freshmen and students. And those young people share their skills – especially in the digital arena – with us.

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