Love at first Skype?


Skype recently teamed up with’s Single-ish bloggers for a Skype affair to remember. Hi-tech flirters, Erin and Ryan, each went on three virtual dates using the Skype video calling software. After their virtual trysts, the video-dates were posted to the site and readers voted to determine which Skype suitors would score an in-person rendezvous with bloggers Erin and Ryan.

The partnership enabled Skype to connect with Gen Y consumers by introducing an innovative approach to speed dating and tapping into the media’s fascination with dating and relationships. The video dating challenge brought about tremendous media coverage. The TODAY Show and The New York Post featured articles stressing the message that Skype’s video calling software is free. Additionally, Kaplow successfully leveraged social networking tools such as facebook and twitter to create buzz around the program.

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