mark and Kaplow Launch Girls m.powerment Campaign with Lauren Conrad

When mark wanted to launch their girls’ m.powerment campaign, committed to preventing dating abuse and partner violence, they turned to Kaplow to orchestrate an intimate editor discussion with brand spokeswoman and honorary campaign co-chair, Lauren Conrad.

With the goal of elevating the brand’s image with a philanthropy campaign and introducing Conrad to fashion and beauty editors and bloggers, the event also unveiled the new fall/winter accessories collection and the Have a Heart Necklace, which the brand collaborated with Conrad to design.

The 30 top-tier editors in attendance spoke with Conrad about her commitment to the campaign, her new accessories line and her beauty secrets. Editors were then had the opportunity to shop from the ‘LC Faves Beauty Bar’ – where Conrad helped editors choose mark products.  The event was a success in conveying excitement for the first-time brand collaboration with Conrad and elevating mark as a leading beauty and fashion brand for young women.

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