Mashable Comes to Kaplow!

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Pete Cashmore, the founder and CEO of Mashable, and Stacy Martinet, CMO of the award-winning website, recently paid a visit to Kaplow as part of our Speakers Bureau. Together, they shared their insights into what is fueling Mashable’s rapid-fire growth. (Our staff is obsessed!)

With 22 million unique visitors per month, there is no question that Mashable is at the head of the digital landscape. The prime reason:  Interesting, entertaining content that spurs engagement. Cashmore stressed the importance of keeping the audience in mind. The days of posting stories only for SEO are over. Editors as well as brands must create stories that people want to share; stories that amuse, entertain or educate (well, a grumpy cat never hurts, too!). Most important, the content must be right for the Mashable devotees. The global media company has more than 3 million Twitter followers with 2.5 million shares per month. I was surprised to learn that the audience is split evenly between women and men, with an average household income of $100k or more. Most are early adopters of tech and lifestyle, and are looking for creative and inspirational content. They are not just interested in the latest gadgets; they also keep up all of pop culture from movies to TV shows.

Mashable also continues to keep social good at the core of their soul. In fact, they hosted the Social Good Summit this past September and conducted a session with Al Gore that streamed live in eight different languages around the globe.

Doing good and doing well (plus those cats!) – Mashable clearly has it nailed.

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