My Evolution of Storytelling











Over the years, I’ve had many moments of revelation when I realize that my love for public relations stems from my passion for sharing compelling stories.

My first came when I was a little girl in fourth grade and I presented my book report for A Tree Grows in Brooklyn on parents’ night.  I will never forget what it was like to take a story and make it come alive for someone else; actually for 25 or so different parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends.  I remember one conversation in particular: after giving my spiel to one of the parents, he asked me my favorite part of the book. I told him that it was when Francie Nolan, the protagonist, was allowed to pour out half a cup of coffee down the sink every day to feel that they weren’t so poor, that they couldn’t waste something. The man I was talking to liked that scene and told me that even though he was 38 years old and this was a 4th grade class, he was going to read A Tree Grows In Brooklyn.  He told me I “sold” him through my enthusiasm for the scene.

I always wondered why this moment resonated with me.  I think the reason is, at that moment, I knew that I was destined for this business. Unlocking the joy in a story and sharing it with someone else is the basis of what we do at Kaplow. You hear it almost every day in PR and sometimes it’s the part of the story that no one saw at first glance.  It’s always about an emotional connection and I believe that it’s the heart and soul of this business.  It can take many forms today—from sharing a timeless brand’s story to unlocking the mystery and voice behind the world’s next great brand. One thing always remains the same: when you have an amazing story to share, it never feels like selling.

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