New York City Wine & Food Festival: A Foodie’s Approach to Branding


Recently members of the Pop Culture Squad embarked on one of our best outings yet: the New York City Wine & Food Festival. We joined other food lovers and Food Network stars to celebrate the city’s great pizza culture at “La Sagra Sunday Slices.”

This three-hour mega food fest did not disappoint. Beyond the finger-licking goodness, as PR practitioners, we couldn’t help but notice the branding experiences surrounding the festival.  Here were the media moments that caught our attention:

Ronzoni Pasta Bar: As the premier sponsor of the event, Ronzoni had the best seat in the house. The brand set up a large display booth at the entrance showcasing their various pasta varieties, and offered guests three different types of pasta dishes – it certainly caught our hungry group’s eye.

Groupon Tote Branding Station: Groupon created an interactive search game to lure customers to their booth; they in turn rewarded them with a branded DIY screen printed tote bag. Participants were encouraged to tweet using the hashtag #checkgrouponfirst, further promoting their tagline.

The Kenmore Stage: Alex Guarneschelli , Chopped judge and Butter executive chef took to the Kenmore stage to show off her fall cinnamon sugar squash recipe. The Kenmore branding was basic with logos and Kenmore kitchen products scattered throughout, but when stars such as Guarneschelli and later Anne Burrell and Adam Richman were seen on stage, it was hard not to notice (and avoid in media pictures).

A good time was had by all – everyone left happy and full!

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