Social Media Lessons from Martha Stewart





I recently attended the 8th Annual BlogHer Conference. It was great to walk the show floor among 4,000 bloggers and observe how brands showcase their products and services in creative and innovative ways. However, the highlight for me was seeing the featured keynote speaker, Martha Stewart.

Stewart sat down with BlogHer co-founder and COO, Elisa Camahort Page for the keynote discussion. Martha touched on an array of topics – everything from her iconic brand, grandchildren and even how she loves Twitter (she has over two million followers). To me, the most fascinating part of the session was hearing Stewart discuss that she truly believes in the power of social media.

Stewart prides herself on being an early adopter to technology. She realized early on that social media could impact her bottom line. She thinks multichannel through everything she does – a few examples include blogging, tweeting regularly and ensuring her magazines (Everyday Food, Martha Stewart Living, Weddings, Whole Living) are available digitally through iPad and mobile apps.

Stewart also understands that she must strike a balance between Martha Stewart the person and Martha Stewart the brand on social media. She has opened up her personal life up more and more, even recently tweeting from the hospital. Stewart uses every media channel available both online and offline (Sirius XM show, brand new national Cooking School show debuting in October, touting retailer partnerships, blogs, Twitter, etc.) and her businesses are booming.

Stewart explained her overall business philosophy in one simple sentence, “I am where my customers are and need me to be.”  It’s clear her customers are in fact EVERYWHERE – from her new crafts collection at Home Depot, to her office collection at Staples, and even her pet collection at PetSmart.

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