Olympic Athletes Communicate from Beijing via Skype

Kaplow client Skype has been making waves in Beijing. As evident by stories appearing internationally in newspaper and broadcast outlets, a number of the world’s greatest athletes are relying on Skype to stay connected with family and friends while competing at this year’s Olympic Games. U.S. Olympians such as Carmelo Anthony, Dara Torres, Betsey Armstrong, and Matt Grevers, for example, have been quoted by The New York Times and Access Hollywood, among other outlets, about their use of Skype to make free video and voice calls to friends and family from Beijing.

Highlighting the trend of Olympians using Skype, Kaplow reached out to sports bloggers and online editors to share stories from Dara Torres, a five-time Olympian and the oldest American swimmer ever, who stays in touch with her 2-year-old daughter via Skype, as well as Carmelo Anthony, starting forward for Team USA, who uses Skype technology to call home and talk to his son. Carmelo told the New York Times, “I think [Skype is] the best thing that’s happened to me and some of the other players on this team.”

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