Patron Highcroft Racing – Start Your Engines!

Sometimes a story comes along that is simply too dynamic to pass up. Recently Kaplow was enlisted to raise awareness for Patron Highcroft Racing, a high-performance racing team based in Danbury, Connecticut. The team competes in the American Le Mans Series, a circuit of endurance sports car races patterned after the world-famous 24 Hours of Le Mans. Kaplow will be tasked with raising the profile of the team and its individual members including owner Duncan Dayton, as well as team sponsors Acura and Patron.

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  1. . perhaps higher than in past springs, according to Laugen and other PBHA program directors. PBHA volunteer Leah R. Kaplow ’12 said that, despite the smaller crowd than in the fall, she was pleased by the number of sign-ups that her program had received.

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