Pop Culture Squad’s Trip to LIVE with Kelly and Michael


Kaplow’s Pop Culture Squad recently attended a taping of LIVE with Kelly and Michael. As members of the audience, we witnessed the dynamic duo discuss current events and interview two very impressive guests. Mashable’s editor-at-large Lance Ulanoff demonstrated the latest gadgets from the 2014 International Consumers Electronic Show. While some of the tech toys didn’t function properly, it was incredible to watch the 3D printer in action—especially when they made a 3D print of Kelly’s face! The remainder of the program featured the talented Matt Damon. The star shared how he balances his work and personal life: Whether he’s on set in South Africa or New York, he makes an effort to see his wife and kids every two weeks.

Here are our group’s key takeaways from the morning:

Flexibility: With live TV, anything goes. While a lot of the technology failed to work during the show—Kelly even referred to the set’s technology as a “vortex of doom”— it was clear that Ulanoff was prepared for a PR crisis! He did a terrific job of keeping the audience engaged and focused.

Keep it Relevant: While most of the material for the show is planned in advance, it was obvious that Kelly and Michael’s crew had to add in last minute details about the recent snowstorm and Michael’s induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Satisfy the Fans: According to the website, the audience was supposed to watch a live interview with Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet. However, upon arrival the guests learned that they would actually be watching a pre-taped version of the interview. While this was disappointing, everyone was more than satisfied when Matt Damon strolled out on stage! The show clearly understands the importance of Kelly and Michael’s fans—after all, they are responsible for their ratings.

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