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Graduation season is upon us – it’s evident if you look at your Facebook News Feed.

It was just one year ago that I was posting similar anecdotes about how my life was about to change and how sad I was that college was over. A few weeks later, I began my first job as an Account Coordinator at Kaplow Communications. This past year has shown me that even though college ends, learning never stops.

Here are the top five lessons I learned starting out in PR:

5. Become an organization master

I always considered myself a pro when it came to organization. I even started my own business at age 12 to organize my family’s closets, CD collections and photo albums! Regardless of my natural skills, PR, with its barrage of to-dos and details forced me to fine-tune and improve my methods. Find an organization system that works for you and put it in motion to keep on top of your game.

4. Details matter

When starting in a new career, you need to prove yourself. This means that occasionally, you may be asked to do something seemingly mundane. In these moments, remember that each little job is part of a bigger picture. Every member of the team works toward a common goal and all pieces of the puzzle need to be in place.

3. People notice

With each task conquered, comes the appreciation of the team. People notice when something is done correctly, and trust me, they appreciate it! Something great happens when people notice – you receive higher-level projects because your teams trust the work you can do. But it’s important to master the little things first.

2. Learn on the job

Though it’s certainly helpful to do so, I personally did not study Communications or Public Relations in college. I was an International Business major with a concentration in Finance and a minor in Spanish. So much of PR is on-the-job learning! Diving in head first at your new job is the best way to take it all in, get to know your colleagues and show that you’re eager and hard-working. Always be prepared, ask questions, and find a mentor at your company to look up to.

1. It all comes with time

If I had to pick one phrase I heard most during my first few months at Kaplow, it would be, “It all comes with time.” Understanding team structure, working with different personalities, the jam-packed day-to-day scheduling, and surprise “fire drills” comes when you realize that often, things aren’t perfect the first time you try. If they are, great! But chances are, there will be some adjustments to any new job, and PR is no exception.

Coming up on my one year anniversary with Kaplow, it’s rewarding to see that things I initially struggled with have become second nature. A career in public relations is a marathon, not a sprint (although some days, you might actually be sprinting!), but it is worth it.

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