Project Philanthropy: Kaplow volunteers as “Women of Inspiration”

PAL volunteer image

As part of August’s “Doing Well to Feel Well” theme, Kaplow encouraged employees to volunteer at a philanthropic organization of their choice. After doing some research, we stumbled upon “Girl Talk,” a young women’s leadership program at The Police Athletic League that educates girls ages 11 through 17 about a variety of career fields and provides lessons in self-esteem, confidence, leadership and career qualities.

Every so often, they have “Women of Inspiration” representing different industries come in to speak. The program allows professionals to expose the young women to new career fields and share their wisdom. We thought this was the perfect opportunity to educate the girls about the PR profession and teach them a skill that they could use in the future.

We created a presentation that first explained what Public Relations is and what PR professionals do on a day-to-day basis. We tried to make the profession as relatable as possible by asking them about the types of media they look at on a daily basis (it ranged from magazines like J-14, Seventeen and Ebony, to online websites, and of course social media, like Facebook and Instagram) and explaining how we help contribute to what they read.

Then we had the girls craft their own “elevator pitches” about themselves – having them share how they would “pitch” themselves if they were applying for an internship or job, extracurricular activity or summer camp. The girls read their elevator pitches out loud afterwards and we were blown away by how well they did!

We left them with a one-pager full of writing and grammar tips to take home. We hope the girls will refer to it while working on homework and other writing opportunities. Our goal was for them to walk away understanding a little more about Public Relations careers, and learn writing and pitch tips to help them succeed in any field.

We had so much fun presenting and working with the girls, and we think they did too. It was truly an inspiring project and we look forward to our next volunteer opportunity.

– By Janelle Grai and Mattie Goldman

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