Saying Goodbye to our Summer Interns

There are memorable internships, and then there are memorable interns. Over the past few years I’ve seen rock star interns come through Kaplow’s doors, but the interns of Summer 2014 have not only impressed me, they have made a lasting impression on our clients and our agency.

We asked our extraordinary group of four interns to share with us their most memorable moment they experienced at Kaplow this summer.

Kara Gelber, Target team intern: “When I reflect on my summer at Kaplow, the main highlight has been working with my mentor, Jess, on a daily basis. She went above and beyond to ensure that I got the most out of my internship by assigning me a large variety of tasks and projects. Whether I was writing a pitch to the media, sending a gift to a blogger, planning an upcoming event or merely seeking advice for adapting to life in NYC, I knew I could reach out to Jess with any questions. She has made my Kaplow experience better than I could’ve ever imagined.” 

jess kara

Jessica Lewin and Kara Gelber

Kristine Zangrillo, Consumer team intern: “My most memorable moment at Kaplow this summer was when I was given the opportunity to attend and help staff a product-preview event for Conair. Just two weeks into my internship, this opportunity opened my eyes to a whole other side of public relations I was not able to experience yet. Furthermore, because I was given responsibility so quickly, I immediately felt like more than an intern and more like a vital part of the team.”

janelle kristine

Kristine Zangrillo and Janelle Grai

Stephanie Skoller, Kdrive intern: “During my time here at Kaplow on the Digital team, I was lucky enough to be able to help out with creating content for social media from time to time. I loved seeing an idea mentioned in a brainstorm transform into an Instagram image or a Facebook post. One of my favorites was working on a St. Ives post featuring fruit parfaits. I helped get all of the ingredients together, create the parfaits, and stage the image. The final product looked great, performed well, and tasted delicious, too!” 

adrienne steph

Adrienne Klein and Stephanie Skoller

Jenna Finer, Target team intern: “My experience as an intern with the Target division at Kaplow has been invaluable. I really felt part of the team, especially when I helped organize and execute an important launch event. It was really interesting to see the work that goes into media coverage and understand how crucial that is to a brand’s success. Overall, Kaplow’s unique approach to public relations taught me so much about the industry that I hope to pursue a career in.”

sonya jenna crop

Jenna Finer and Sonya Li

We wish them luck as they head back for their senior year of college and then into the “real world”!

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