Social Media Weekend: Day 1

This past weekend marked the first annual Columbia University School of Journalism Social Media Weekend. Kaplow Communications was a proud sponsor of the three day series with panel discussions comprised of notable bloggers, social media influencers and professors.

Friday marked the first of a series of panels with keynote speaker Andy Carvin (@acarvin), senior strategist at NPR who spoke to the evolution of social media and the importance of building a community. Andy’s interpretation of what a social media community is that it is more collaboration among individuals sharing ideas, perspectives, insights and knowledge from their respective paradigms. A stark contrast to what most individuals and organizations build their community and following around – the assumption that their followers and loyalists are gathering around a single idea, notion, product or point of view.

Andy’s perspective is one of a shared experience among individuals. His followers, in which he’s amassed nearly 46,846, is a community of producers, editors, researchers, investigators that help him improve what he is doing. He said “an audience is not an audience, but people with stories to tell and who improve what you’re working on.” He emphasized the importance of not just simply pushing content out, but listening to as many people as possible and learning when to step back from a conversation to allow healthy discussion and debate. “There needs to be a balance between conversing and curating” when working in the social media space, he said.

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