Social Media Weekend: Measuring ROI from a Business Perspective

This past weekend, I had the exciting opportunity to attend Columbia University’s Social Media Weekend.  The weekend-long event was jam-packed with exciting workshops, panel discussions and keynotes to help journalists and media gurus learn more about social media.

Hosted by Columbia’s School of Journalism and sponsored by Kaplow, speakers shed light on topics such as social media and social good, social media for bloggers, social media’s return on investment and more.

One panel we had the opportunity to attend, “Measuring ROI from a Business Perspective” gave a real glimpse into how valuable presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are. In fact, companies who have a Facebook page appear to experience more customer loyalty in the long-term. Even more, every 1,000 views to a Facebook page provides monetary value to a company.  What we love most is that social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter are free to use and just require creative minds to help maintain the content.  After leaving the session, we are definitely inspired to utilize social media to the advantage of our clients and Kaplow.

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