Steve Garfield at Kaplow

This past Wednesday, Kaplow had the pleasure of hosting Steve Garfield, one of the first video bloggers and a leading figure in the social media video space. Steve is the author of Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business and has worked with top companies including AT&T, Nokia and Kodak. Steve has also worked with media outlets such as CBS, NBC and PBS.

Steve led a company-wide discussion on the endless possibilities of video and illustrated the medium’s ability to positively supplement brand messaging. He showed the Kaplow team how to use video to increase consumer awareness and drive sales, confirming Kaplow’s belief that video is crucial for our clients in 2010.

Steve also gave Kaplow employees a more in-depth and interactive understanding of video use during three workshops. In these seminars, Steve demonstrated how to shoot casual videos using a handheld camera and clarified the process of uploading them to the web. Kaplow hopes to invite Steve back and to host additional influential speakers in the future!

To find out more about Steve Garfield, browse his website:

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