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Not everyone who works in a PR agency always worked in a PR agency. Case in point, I spent almost ten years working in digital marketing before coming to Kaplow. I needed a change after so many years on the client side, and having had the experience of being a client, I knew what to look for in an agency.

As a client, I’d been presented ideas that were ‘below-par,’ met with companies that clearly hadn’t done their research, and worked with agencies that did not seem to listen. I came up with a little acronym to define what I think makes a good agency stand out above the rest.


Respect: There should be mutual respect between agencies and their clients. We have to understand a brand’s needs, means, and wants, and deliver accordingly. When an agency does so, a trust and solid relationship is built and projects are successful.

Experience and Execution: The most fantastic ideas in the world mean nothing if your agency does not have an experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable team to execute them. It’s crucial that when we bring a concept to the table, we have the know-how and passion to bring it to life in an effective manner.

Accessibility: Working in PR, whether you are writing pitches, setting up events, creating social media campaigns, or managing online communities, you need to be on your game at all times. I can’t tell you how often I, as a client, could not track down anyone from an agency we’d hired when I had a question or concern. If a client/agency relationship is going to work, we need to be at the ready and excited about what we do.

Listening: It sounds simple enough, but not everybody does this. A stellar agency LISTENS to its clients and ensures they are delivering results that meet goals and objectives. Communication is key…after all, isn’t that at the heart of everything we do?

And that’s my little, “Do you deserve a gold star?” test. After working here for almost a year, I’m proud to put a check mark next to each of these items and say my experience here has been very REAL.

Do you have advice on building a great client-agency relationship? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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