Surf’s Up: The Kaplow Wellness Squad Hits the Waves

After seeing entrepreneurs Mike Hartwick and Sarah Ponn bring their indoor surf board business plan to Shark Tank in March and successfully partner with Mark Cuban, three Kaplow Wellness Squad members decided to try a class at local Chelsea Piers to see what the all the buzz was about.

Surfset is a surf-inspired indoor fitness class with the added challenge of balancing on a Rip Surfer X board throughout the entire workout. The balancing motions involved reminded me of childhood pogo balls (remember those?).  Here’s the Wellness Squad’s view on this new workout:

Surfset Pros:

  • Just 45 minutes long! When you start getting winded, it’s easy to push
  • Pretty scenery.  Though we weren’t actually at the beach, seeing projected scenes of crashing waves on the wall made it almost feel like you were.
  • Helpful tips.  Throughout the class, the instructors shared little techniques and bits of lingo that would come in handy should you ever want to give real surfing a shot
  • Abs, arms, thighs, rinse and repeat. Balancing on the Rip Surfer X made my legs shake, and I felt the difference in my thighs and core for days afterwards. Faux “paddling” at high speeds was an arm workout in and of itself!
  • Yoga-like zen. Even throughout intense cardio portions, there was still a cool and calm vibe.

Surfset Cons

  • Cost.  One session at Chelsea Piers cost $35 without a membership. But, if you sign up for a morning SurfSet class, you gain all day access to the fitness center, and most other classes do not require reservations or fees. You can stay and play all day!
  • Theme-y.  The surf theme is fun for one class, but I could see it getting old after a while.

Since we took the class, Surfset has expanded to Crunch, the home of quirky fitness classes. This trend is picking up speed and we wouldn’t be surprised to see classes popping up at more gyms across the country.

Final verdict

Do we now feel confident enough to take to the waves out East? Not exactly. Was it a killer workout? Absolutely!

Kaplow at Sufset

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