The City is Your Playground

Foursquare: Is it a game you played on the playground; or is it a game you play in the palm of your hand, with your city as the playground? Neither, actually. Though just as playful, foursquare is more useful than either gaming solution.

As a location-based mobile utility, foursquare helps you navigate your city and discover new places within it. You can either ‘check-in’ or simply ‘Explore’ nearby hotspots, niche venues and even deals, with the click of a button.

To demonstrate the relevance of foursquare’s newest features to everyday consumers, Kaplow kicked off a series of walking tours, in which we invite a few reporters on a four-block tour, using foursquare as our compass.

Just a few days ago, we recently took a handful of travel journalists with us as we “played tourist” in the charming Lower East Side of Manhattan. Strolling along Stanton street, we stumbled upon everything from discounted drinks to the greatest sweet-tooth solution known to New York.

As our fellow “tourists” learned, and consequently shared with their readers, it’s incredible what you’ll discover in a city where you’ve lived your whole life!

Kaplow is excited to help change the foursquare conversation from “Maybe I’ll win the Mayorship there” to “Man, Aziza J. just went to Mamoun’s and said the falafel was fantastic! Let’s go there.”

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