The Future Is Now – Five Trends To Consider

Everyone is trying to figure out what the technologies of today mean for the future of brands. We were excited to get a preview from The Future Laboratory, a UK-based, trend forecasting company on what’s here, what’s coming and what it all means.

Welcome to the Polarity Paradox:

A little jarring to think this is the world we live in! However, after a thought-provoking session with Chris Sanderson and Tom Savigar, five tangible trends emerged.

  • A balanced life of moderation isn’t desirable anymore. We binge (on social media, on TV…) and then purge (detox vacations, veganism). To take advantage, Netflix launches complete seasons at a time of its original series, House of Cards. Bars like Redemption in London and The Other Side in Chicago are becoming part of the night life scene, without serving any alcohol.
  • We are defying the expectations of age. There’s a new set of affluent, tech savvy, “amortal” people in the 50+ range – do not underestimate their spending power! Be inclusive of all ages in your marketing efforts, (Jessica Lange was just named the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty) but keep in mind that these “flat-agers” have a lot in common with millennials. Keep it fun, keep it simple (and don’t draw attention to their age!).
  • Customers today demand choice. Consider collaborations with brands across industries, allowing consumers to browse and explore many needs and wants. Bobbi Brown has ventured into lifestyle with KIND Snacks and an eyewear collection; Luxottica and Google Glass just penned a deal.
  • Large cities have become a network of little villages, full of vibrant live-work-play communities. To mirror this, make the shopping experience unique. Club Monaco has incorporated a bookstore by the Strand and Toby’s Estate Coffee. Toms Marketplace has gathered multiple like-minded brands into one online destination.
  • No one puts baby in a corner. Customers today want to be seen as a whole person with many interests, not pegged into a silo. Brands that cater to customers and help them connect the dots between their many passions will succeed. New taste recommendation app, Qloo allows users to share their preferences across different verticals to determine other things they may be interested in (so you could find books you’d like based on your fashion favorites!).

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