The Kaplow Pop Culture Squad Goes to the DUMBO Arts Festival

giant fig

Like a moth drawn to lights, action and crazy people, this small-town Texan up and moved to the big city just over three years ago. I’m a big believer in getting the most out of life and I’ve always seen NYC as the type of city that offers endless adventure.

The daily grind has the ability to trick you into thinking that a night of TV would be more rewarding than checking out that art gallery (we’ve all been there)! The best way to make sure you’re exploring your surroundings is to find friends who have similar interests and take turns planning things in advance. I’ve found that if it’s been on my calendar for over two weeks, I’m more likely to keep the commitment because I have something to look forward to. That’s what is great about the Kaplow Pop Culture Squad – we constantly seek out new and exciting events and things to try, like the DUMBO Arts Festival.

The DUMBO Arts Festival is an annual three-day celebration of art, music and performance that’s free and open to the public. This was my second year to attend, and I was excited to get my fellow Kaplow art lovers on board. It was a beautiful night to walk around Downtown Brooklyn – we spotted everything from a giant macaron “lawn-scape” (pictured above!) to unique miniature displays made from rusty Altoid tins. I’m a sucker for art that incorporates everyday objects in unexpected ways. I loved this light show under the Manhattan bridge – who knew something as simple as a projector in the right spot could produce these genius views?

There are endless ways to become inspired by things around you wherever you live, but especially in NYC. It’s up to you to take advantage of what’s being offered!

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