The Real Adam Pays Kaplow a Visit


I’ve always believed that brands should have roots and wings. They should remain true to their heritage but evolve and dimensionalize over time. Adam Glassman, O Magazine’s creative director, stopped by Kaplow today, and we talked about how the iconic Oprah brand has done just that. Oprah stays true to herself and trusts her intuition, but she is willing to take chances. Adam also noted Oprah’s innate sense of what the American public is about to crave – surely why everything she touches turns to gold.

Here are 6 tips from @TheRealAdamSays. They may not turn everything you touch into gold, but they will definitely make you shine more.

  1. Know your audience. The magazine’s target does not live in NYC so Adam takes his staff to a suburban mall to get into the heads of their readers. They observe how people shop, how they dress, who they shop with, and what they buy. He noted that it’s just as important for PR people to know who their brands’ target audience is, how they live, and how they are best spoken to.
  2. Know why people come to your brand. Oprah and Martha Stewart are often compared but it truly is like comparing apples and oranges. While they are both female founder-driven brands that have become global icons, their similarities end there. Martha is about homemaking. Her core message is about things you buy or create. Oprah is about the internal life, the evolving self and living your best life. While the same woman may read both of their magazines, she expects to find very different content in each.
  3. Be curious. Find inspiration everywhere: Read, see, walk around, drive on the open road, talk to everyone – and take pictures!
  4. Say ‘maybe’  instead of  ‘no’. This was a light bulb moment for me. I am a quick decision-maker. My team and clients look to me to be authoritative. However, Adam reminded me that everyone wants to feel heard and that saying ‘maybe’ is often the right thing to do. Plus, there is often a germ of an idea that can be shaped into a ‘yes!’
  5. Be compassionate. See above #4.
  6. Don’t drink and Tweet!  Ever. Enough said.

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