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Case-Mate CES 2012 Recap

As a fashionista living in Manhattan, the thought of going to the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was quite intimidating. After all, I prefer a PC over a Mac and my old BlackBerry to the new iPhone 4S. Let’s face it; I just learned how to tweet.

Knowing I would be surrounded by savvy techies and cutting-edge consumer electronics, I even contemplated toning down my wardrobe, but I didn’t have to, as I was at CES with Case-Mate, the leader in fashion forward mobile tech accessories.

As a virgin to both Vegas and CES, I was pleasantly surprised by just how hip CES is. From a PR perspective, this makes a lot of sense. Companies not only have to have quality products and ground-breaking innovations, but they need to attract media and buyers to their booths using whatever approaches it takes. I saw everything from Justin Bieber to booth babes and even people jumping on trampolines. Case-Mate didn’t need any of this because its booth’s high design, quality products and team spoke for itself.

Some favorites from the show included a new Tortoiseshell case for the hip socialite, a Phantom case for the Soul Cycle enthusiast and a POP! ID case for the minimalist bar-goer. The booth represented Case-Mate’s philosophy of “happiness by design” and showcased all of the products in a fun and vibrant way, even allowing guests to make their own cases on-site or trade in their old cases for a new one. And the team was authentic and genuine – each Case-Mate team member dressed their smartphones up with a case that matched their individual style.

Whether it’s a brand, product or idea – CES is the place to make it come to life in a way that is authentic (and sometimes even unusual). What I learned:  if tech can be sexy, anything can be!

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