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As part of Kaplow’s Outside In Conversation series, we welcomed Stacy Morrison, Editor in Chief and Director of Content Programming for BlogHer, to share her insights on current web trends and the future of the blogosphere. A true ‘tradigitalist,’ Morrison previously served as Editor in Chief of Modern Bride and Redbook and their accompanying digital properties, and has made numerous appearances on the Today Show and other programs.

As PR and social media professionals, we partner with bloggers and web influencers every day across a variety of verticals and platforms. Morrison reminded us of some important things to keep in mind when working with this unique online community.

  • Blogging is a social movement – Blogging changed the face of media and the delivery of the news cycle, but additionally, it created a whole new medium for people to share and relate to one another’s daily triumphs and challenges. Morrison explained that while consumers want to feel unique, they also have an underlying need to connect with others like them. Blogs give us a glimpse into the lives of consumers in different areas of the country, and arm us with a better idea of how to bridge connections.
  • Aim to choose partners that have a natural fit – Naturally, companies focus on quantitative results, and it’s tempting to use that same lens when choosing online influencers to partner with. An influencer’s numbers – unique visitors per month, followers and engagement – shouldn’t be the only factor considered. Morrison reminded us that it’s often a strategic move to entrust messaging to people who are truly passionate about a company’s cause, product or service, and will create amazing content for that reason. Engagement will follow!
  • Follow Your Instincts – When brainstorming ideas for an upcoming campaign, take time to think about what headlines or content you would be drawn to personally. Our natural gut instinct for what we ourselves want to consume can point us in the right direction. The blogosphere is a constantly renewable resource for ideas and insights on growing trends.

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