There’s No “I” in “Team” (Or in “Gold” for That Matter)

Every four years when the Summer Olympics rolls around, countries throughout the world unite for a common cause – winning. Not to channel Charlie Sheen, but don’t we all want to win? We’ve all seen champions standing on the Olympic podium proud of the work they’ve done and the goals they’ve accomplished. For me, the victory seems sweeter when it’s a team up there.

The “Fab Five” ladies of the USA gymnastics team worked together to earn the right to stand on the highest spot of that coveted dais, looking amazing in gold. Exceptional PR teams must work together as well in order to succeed. While Gabby, Aly, Jordyn, Kyla and McKayla are literally flipping through the air, we do metaphorical flips to make sure we deliver the highest results to our clients.

Here are some teamwork tips to help everyone strive for that PR gold:

Empowerment is the key to creating a successful team that delivers stellar results. We all heard Aly’s teammates cheering her on during her near-perfect floor routine and the roar of the crowd when McKayla nailed that vault. Let your team members know you are rooting them on. Be their biggest cheerleader! Mutual empowerment builds trust and respect.

Whether we’re balancing precariously on a beam under the watchful eyes of the world, or sitting in an office in Midtown—we all make mistakes. Focus on what was learned from the mistake, not the blame for it. Support each other to fix the situation so that everyone comes out on top.

From the top all the way to the bottom, having each member of the team contribute something strengthens their confidence and lets them know they are valued. Not only that, they become vested in the outcome because they were part of the collaboration.

Open communication helps teams prepare for any eventuality and build a strategy that delivers excellence. The team might win the All-Around gold but everyone still needs to think ahead to the rest of the events and communicate the plan for achieving the remaining goals.

A gold medal for an Olympian means a gold medal for their respective country. Once again, it’s the same in PR – a success for one team gives the entire agency pride.

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