Timex Meets Tinseltown

More than 50 LA-based celebrity stylists, publicists, fashion influencers, and regional style editors and bloggers joined Kaplow at the Timex LA Style Sessions event on August 14th-15th. The event was hosted over two days at the exclusive L’Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills, featuring sleek displays of best-selling Timex watches from the current Spring 2013 collection and a sneak peek of the new Fall 2013 collection. Attendees, including stylists for Ellen DeGeneres, Anna Kendrick, and Joe Manganiello, were able to interact with the watches during one-on-one sessions and a blogger cocktail event, and selected styles for themselves and for their clients, which they received immediately. Guests shared their excitement over social media with images of their new favorite watches and the dedicated #TimexStyleWatch. Immediate results were secured not just on social media, but with an LATimes.com piece running the day after the event and many actionable media leads.

For more than five years, Kaplow has partnered with Timex to position the brand as a stylish fashion accessory in national fashion and lifestyle media, and continues to communicate Timex’s style positioning with this new group of fashion influencers.

Timex Watches 2013 Fall Sneak Peek Exclusive Viewing at L'ErmitaTimex Watches 2013 Fall Sneak Peek Exclusive Viewing at L'Ermita

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