Topping Off the Glass


I love many things about the communications business: watching ideas get put into action, seeing that great writing is still alive through new ways of storytelling, presenting a case in a room that brings a smile to the faces of people who have heard almost everything. But what I love most is when people bring a little extra joy to what they do.

In a time when people are working so hard that experts are telling us to unplug, de-stress, go outside in the fresh air, it becomes even harder to think of how we can possibly give more. But that little extra makes a huge difference. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not espousing working more hours. I’m talking about the art of enthusiasm, instilling a frame of mind that brings energy to the people around you. I’m talking about topping off the glass. Maybe this story will explain:

My husband took me to a very special restaurant for my birthday one year. We each ordered a lovely glass of wine. (Note: I drink my wine so slowly, that it is usually half full by dessert). However, the waiter paid no mind and in the spirit of true grace, he came on over with a smile and  “topped off” my glass half way through my dinner. That little pour was an extra bit of magic, kindness and style that made the meal more memorable.

He didn’t get to “sell” me another glass, but you can be sure that I will come back for another meal very soon and I will ask for him!

Top off Your Glass:

  • Talk to people who give you a lift. This will bring a renewed energy to what you do and get you through the harder days.
  • Be positive. Negativity will put you into a hole that will be hard to crawl out of. Studies show that if you smile, it convinces your brain that you are happier. And a good laugh has even more benefits.
  • Look for new ideas outside your door. What you read, what you see on the street. Bring those ideas back.
  • Go off the script. We all love having a plan, but the magic of great results sometimes comes from going off the roadmap.
  • Be present. Living, breathing and working in the moment, giving people your attention makes you authentic and real.

When you give a little extra, it creates an emotional connection with the people around you. People want to work with you. Brainstorms will be brainier, presentations will be more captivating, you will have more fun. And you will find joy in the very place you are.

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