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In 2010, several thought leaders declared that that it was the “Year of Mobile,”  but brands at that time weren’t ready and technology was not evolved enough to capitalize on the platform. Now, 2013 is truly becoming the ‘Year of Mobile.”  It’s fascinating to watch as brands explore and push the boundaries of customer relationship management and consumer engagement on mobile devices.

Last Thursday, CEW hosted its Women & Men in Beauty Series- Maximizing Mobile Moments panel including representatives from Facebook, Macy’s and L’Oreal Paris. The event successfully highlighted the power of mobile.  In fact, moderator Jenny Fine remarked that by 2014, mobile should overtake PC-based Internet access. During the event, three important trends emerged:

  • The continued evolution of personalized digital customer experiences
  • Engaging customers with mobile touch points in physical spaces
  • The testing of geofencing (notifications or alerts that are sent when a mobile user enters a geographic area such as a retail store)

L’Oreal Paris mastered personalization in February with its launch of a cross-platform and highly personalized customer experience which offers users content based on their shopping habits and previous site visits. The brand also has plans to connect point-of-sale and mobile data to prove mobile ROI. I look forward to the outcome of that initiative! Macy’s, on the other hand, is impressive in their focus on engaging with consumers in-store by testing the extension of mobile branded experiences in a retail environment and essentially using mobile as a silent salesperson.  Macy’s is using geofencing tactics to push special deals to in-store shoppers, QR codes to enhance product storytelling and leveraging their app to keep consumers engaged with unique content and shopping features.

As the CEW panel made clear, now is definitely the time for brands to test and explore how to use the platform to engage and close the purchase loop with consumers.

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