Twitter Underwater at #140conf

Who says you can’t take Twitter underwater? My learning at this week’s 140 Characters Conference (#140conf) says otherwise. When I found out that famed oceanographer Jacques Cousteau’s grandson, Fabien Cousteau, would be presenting, I felt like a kid again — I used to beg my parents to stay up late to watch his TV specials. Fabien, who along with his father Jean-Michel Cousteau host the PBS show Ocean Adventures, discussed how the emergence of the real-time web and social media has effected how he interacts with his audience.

Check out this clip of Fabien discussing how he uses social media:

Fabien was also joined in the panel John Magennis, a reality TV casting agent and producer who has  been involved with the reality TV shows you love to hate, but can’t stop watching (“The Bachelor”, “Super Nanny”). Watch John and Fabien discuss how they use Twitter and Facebook below.

…and regarding Twitter underwater, watch this clip about the first-ever underwater tweet:

Follow Fabien on Twitter at @FCousteau and John at @MyRealityTV.

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