Unbinding the Heart











Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the book launch of my renowned novelist friend, Agapi Stassinopoulos.  With the help of her sister, Arianna Huffington, and drawing on the influence of their Greek heritage and love of mythology, Unbinding the Heart is a beautiful collection of stories of Greek wisdom, generosity and unconditional love.  John and Margo Catsimatidis hosted the A-list event at Philip Johnson’s Four Seasons Restaurant in NYC in early February. The evening was filled with top industry editors, authors and celebrities who came to celebrate Agapi and her wonderful new book.

It’s only fitting that Agapi’s name means unconditional love in Greek as she has created a map of how to unbind your heart.  Through her book, Agapi hopes that by sharing her story, she can open the door for others to share their own.  In it she recounts 32 intimate, personal stories of her life, as well as the wisdom and fearlessness her mother raised her with.  For Agapi, one such instance came to her on a crosstown bus, going home after she did not get the part in a Greek play.  Instead of hanging her head, Agapi put on a show for her fellow passengers, performing the soliloquy of St. Joan and bringing her audience to tears.  That moment changed her life and she gave up her pursuit of fame to journey on for herself.  The book is a treasure not to be missed.

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