Kaplow Helps Unlock the Doors of Target’s Life-Sized Dollhouse in Grand Central Terminal

On May 6, Target unveiled the Threshold Dollhouse –a two-story, seven-room spectacle – in Grand Central Terminal’s iconic Vanderbilt Hall, to celebrate the official launch of Target’s new Threshold home collection. For two days, commuters, spectators, shoppers and tourists lived out their childhood dreams as they explored the Dollhouse’s interiors, gathering spring and summer style inspiration for their own apartments and homes, while also shopping key items from the collection using QR codes on their smart phones.

Target’s Larger-than-Life Threshold Dollhouse by the Numbers:

  • 1,540 square feet (larger than most NYC apartments)
  • 21 feet high
  • Built by a crew of 50 in less than 54 hours
  • All but two pieces of the Dollhouse fit through a standard sized single door frame
  • Featured over 55 light bulbs
  • Used 12 different colors of paint in its seven uniquely decorated rooms
  • Had more than 180 linear feet of flower boxes
  • Over three full 26’ delivery trucks were used to transport the featured Threshold product

Did you build-up an insatiable appetite for the styled rooms throughout the Dollhouse like I did? Not to worry! The full collection is available now at Target stores and on Target.com.

Threshold Dollhouse at Grand Central Terminal NYC

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