What Would I Change? Nothing.


When I was hired as an intern for the fall semester of 2013 at Kaplow, I was beyond excited. An English major, I aspire to go into public relations once I graduate. I did not know what to expect, but I knew this internship would be an experience.

An experience it was! As soon as I stepped into Kaplow on the first day, I knew this internship would be special. I was taken aback by the welcoming nature of the Kaplow employees and the “family feel” within the firm.

Kaplow’s hands-on approach made this internship stand out from others I have had in the past. It made me feel as if I was truly a member of the team. My mentor Mattie always answered any questions and made sure I understood what I was doing. Kaplow also provided the interns with two writing workshops, a lunch with Liz Kaplow (so exciting), and an Intern/Senior Management meet and greet, all of which gave me that much more insight on the PR world.

A big highlight of the internship program was the group project. We were asked to come up with a product and pitch it to the media and public, treating it as a real PR campaign. We came up with an all-organic, grass fed burger brand and named it, “JoJo’s Burgers.” We decided to have a three-day long family-fun carnival to promote it at Chelsea Piers and pitched this event to “Live with Kelly and Michael.” Feedback on the project from the Senior Management team allowed us to see what we needed to improve and what worked. The project was so much fun and really gave the interns a chance to experience a real aspect of PR!

During my exit interview, I was asked what I would change about the internship program at Kaplow. After moments of hesitation, I finally answered, “Nothing” and I mean that. I had a wonderful experience. The team atmosphere, creative thinking and friendly faces are the driving forces behind the PR education that I received here. I know that this program will continue to provide future interns with a great experience as well. Keep up the good work Kaplow!

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