What You Need to Know About Pinterest

If you work in Social Media or PR, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard the term Pinterest being thrown around in a brainstorm or two recently.  If you’re unfamiliar with the site, it’s a virtual inspiration board that allows consumers to quite simply “pin” a photo or story that they’d like to refer back to at a later date.  It’s a fancy bookmarking tool that allows you to share favorite stories and images with others.

Although it’s the new hot topic in conference rooms nationwide, it’s important to think about your brand’s strategy before diving into Pinterest.  If you make a product that appeals to young women that is also very visual and available online, it may be worth exploring!  As you surf through the pages of Pinterest, you’ll see that the most commonly pinned – or shared – items are vibrant in color, accompanied by a link to where the item can be purchased online and include tips on how to achieve a certain look.

I’ve been using Pinterest for a while – it helps me organize my favorite things like recipes, hair tutorials, inspirational quotes, cute puppies and nail art.  While many of the things I pin come from articles I’ve read in my RSS feed, I also follow a variety of brands that provide me with inspiration in a variety of ways.

If you’re thinking about exploring Pinterest for yourself, I recommend following the brands listed below. They are doing a great job so far of connecting with their target consumers through this platform.  Over the next few months, I anticipate that we’ll be looking at a ton of other brands that are taking the examples below to the next level.

  • Lots of magazines are jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon, but InStyleLucky and Real Simplehave really embraced the site as a way to expand the content they’re sharing in-book, online and via Facebook and Twitter
  • Refinery 29 is one of my favorite blogs and therefore, one of my favorite brands on Pinterest. They focus on style, beauty and DIY tips and tricks that get my right-brain’s juices flowing
  • Mod Cloth, a popular fashion start-up, uses its Pinterest page to share a variety of products, creative ideas and vintage finds that its staff members find personally inspiring
  • Who doesn’t love Martha Stewart?  Her Pinterest page is chock-full of recipes – enough to keep you inspired and creative in the kitchen
  • Nordstrom uses its Pinterest page to curate different ensembles, trends and gift ideas for the holidays.  They also feature boards devoted to its Style blog and in-store Spa, giving them increased exposure to fans

Have you played with Pinterest yet?  If so, how do you use it to curate your favorite stories?  Share your favorite Pinners in the comments!

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