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There is nothing I love more than being inspired and getting advice from really smart and accomplished women. After Tuesday’s New York Women in Communications Coffee & Conversations panel I have a refreshed outlook on my career as a woman and new mother.

NYWICI President Liz Kaplow kicked off the morning and introduced the panel. Titled, “Women in the Workplace Risks, Rewards, Real Talk: Getting Ahead On Your Own Terms,” the session brought together a talented group of cross-generational women from different fields. The Fab Five included the following exceptional women:

  • Jean Chatzky (Moderator)- journalist, best-selling author and the financial editor for NBC’s TODAY show.
  • Cathie Black- former Chairman and President, Hearst Magazines, Best-Selling Author, Investor and Advisor in digital start-ups.
  • Jeannine Shao Collins- EVP, Chief Innovation Officer, Meredith 360.
  • Dustee Tucker Jenkins– Vice President, Public Relations, Target Corporation.
  • Debra Shriver- Senior Vice President/Chief Communications Officer, Hearst Corporation.

More than 100 people filled the audience and listened with rapt attention as the conversation hit on various hot-button workplace topics relevant to all ages and positions. My favorite words of wisdom include:

  • Be results-driven: Everyone agreed that being a proven performer is the true key to success.
  • Put in the time and give it your all: The Fab Five each mentioned that there is a level of personal sacrifice you have to be willing to make in order to be successful. They spoke about the importance of showing up early/staying late, taking any task that you are assigned, and being as proactive as you can. They stressed the importance of having a voice in every meeting you are invited to (even possibly showing up to meetings you weren’t invited to but should be in!).
  • It’s lonely at the top: The panelists explained that that there comes a time in one’s career where you become the manager or team leader and are no longer a “friend,” at work. The invites to happy hour and lunches from co-workers are diminished. The panel all seemed to have felt the struggle of being well-liked but also respected.
  • Take risks: The Fab Five shared their personal experiences with taking risks and even sometimes failing. The message was that you can’t be afraid to take risks if it’s what you really think is right and not everything you do will be successful.
  • Marry a man who can cook: This tip received a roar of laughs from the audience. I can relate and believe there is truth to it – as I finish this blog post at 9:30 pm and enjoy the last bit of a shrimp quesadilla…that my amazing husband made.

We captured some of the best moments of the event on video. See them HERE on our YouTube channel.

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